Providence Meals

-Frequently Asked Questions -

Q:  What is the first step to get started?

A:  Select your menu choices and sizes. Add to your cart. Pay with Credit/Debit card or paypal account before 8pm on Friday for the week ahead.


Q: How long will the food be good?


A:  The refrigerated life is 3-5 days depending on the protein. Meat and Poultry is 5 days and Seafood is 3 days.

All food should be consumed within the 5 days.


Q:  How long does it take to reheat?  


A:  Each meal will have a label with oven reheating directions and a date. If using a microwave you will just warm through. Times vary by equipment.


Q:  What payments do you accept?


 A:  We accept  credit or paypal.


Q:  When is payment due?


A:   Payment is due when ordering.


Q:  What if I have an allergy or special diet? 


A:  If you have an allergy please let us know when ordering. We can assure your meals are prepared safely for you. Most special dietary needs can be accommodated.


Q:  How are my meals stored?


A: We use recyclable aluminum foil pans for hot items and white styrofoam containers for non reheat items.


Q:  Will you ship the food if I live outside your delivery area?


A:  No. At this point we want to keep it simple to ensure quality. 


Q:  How many people will the family size feed?


A:  The family size meals will feed 4 adults  with good appetites or 2 adults and 4 children.

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