Providence Meals

Eat Well. Live More.

-   ABOUT US  -

Hello!  My name is Kristen, and I'm the owner of Providence Meals. I grew up with an Executive chef father, so cooking is in my blood. My father taught me so much, but when it was time for me to cook for my husband and daughter, the thought of doing more than boiling some pasta was down right scary! 


As a stay at home mother and wife I needed to find a way to apply what I was taught to my new "real world" life.  I started watching the Food Network everyday all day and I learned about different foods and new techniques to prepare them. This soon became an obsession and a passion. I wanted to cook for everyone!


Luckily, my family was more than happy to be guinea pigs and I started helping with holiday meals, and before I knew it I was the one heading it all! This was great, but how do I turn my passion into a career? Cook in a restaurant and work crazy hours? No way! I needed to take my talents to the masses! A personal chef service where I can help put healthy home cooked meals on as many busy families tables as possible. This is the birth of Providence Meals.


It is my honor to take my passion and talents with cooking delicious and healthy meals prepared or delivered right to your family.  

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